Looking for a Heatsink Manufacturer? Choose P.A. International

With our world evolving every minute, it's not hard to understand why technology is evolving too. There's such a popular demand of thermal solutions for client merchandise and many sophisticated requirements needed in order to meet your goal. Here at P.A International, we know your company's best interest and we're here to help you fulfill it.

We Commit To Your Company

Our innovative designs, prototyping, products, and product packaging solutions are ready in the needed time period and the best part of it is the quality of our products. We don't compromise the quality of our manufactured products as we believe that only the best ones are suitable for your company.

We also provide 'value-add' service to partners. We can help you with whatever you need such as finding the raw materials needed for the product and all the extra help you need until you're satisfied.

Heatsink Manufacturer Expert

Our expertise comes from several years of committed service to a whole array of customers around the globe. Our team members also have over 15 years of expertise managing manufacturing tasks and projects in China so your company will be in good hands. We have different types of heatsinks: extruded, stamped, swaged, forged, skrived, and bonded and folded fin heat sinks are just some of them. We're here to do what we promise to do as our main priority is you and your company.

We Represent You Here In China

Your company's talent and ability to break through the clutter and overtake your competition by making China as a part of your strategy is a good move. P.A. International will not only supply and manufacture your products; we act as a representative in China for your company.

With passion and excellence on both of our plates, we're the best match. Give us a call and let us help you fulfill the goal of your company.

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